Founded in 1984, Featherfist was established with the mission to eliminate homelessness by giving 'power and purpose' to the homeless community by assisting them in their advancement toward self-sufficiency and self-determination.

Featherfist's qualified case managers conduct extensive outreach citywide,crisis intervention for homeless men, women, children and those at risk of becoming homeless. In partnership with housing developers, Featherfist maintains direct access to transitional housing units where clients are assisted in developing a supportive service plan to prepare for and provide access to permanent housing. Featherfist boasts a skilled and dedicated staff specializing in supportive and permanent housing services, employment and training, veterans’ affairs, substance abuse and comprehensive case management, and works with a community network of diverse agencies to provide long-term counseling and supportive services.

OUR Ethics

The “extra mile” is not a theoretical concept.  It is a place on the continuum of care where each person who works for Featherfist can be found.

It is a position we relish and stand-up proudly to defend.

Workers at Featherfist know their tasks and complete them correctly and professionally because they realize that every aspect of their work is an indication of the agency’s commitment and reputation in the Chicagoland community.

Workers at Featherfist understand that service to the human condition is not just the stuff of great films and literature but the daily fare of the Featherfist homeless outreach worker.

We accept the challenge to serve and serve well, every client, every day, as long as we are able.

Our Vision

Featherfist will become a national model for providing a holistic approach to servicing homeless men, women, and children. We will enhance our current outreach to homeless individuals and provide them with a holistic approach to independence.  We will provide access to fair market housing to individuals who have participated in programs that promote self-sufficiency and skill development.  The Featherfist Organization will be respected as the hub for individuals who seek innovative solutions to complex social problems.