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Over the past 25 years, the faces of the homeless community have changed dramatically. More than ever before youth, women with children and veterans are living on the streets. More and more men with children are living on the streets, in vacant lots, automobiles and in shelters. In an attempt to address these 'new' issues and provide adequate housing, Featherfist will introduce several new projects over the next 3-5 years. Learn More

Announcing the Opening of Featherfist's F.O.R.T. II

Featherfist is pleased to announce the opening of its new 32-bed, transitional living facility for homeless Veterans: located at 7254 S. Blackstone Avenue, Chicago IL 60619. Read More

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Your Charitable Gift Will Go a Long Way

At Featherfist we ask people to turn their concern into practical, effective action. Only concerned individuals can help the homeless obtain self-sufficiency. So please take a moment now to make your tax-deductible contribution at CAUSES

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